Washington DC Wedding Planners: Top Things to Know about the Wedding Invitations

Did you know that the wedding invitation is one of the best ways of creating a good first impression on your guests? Remember that the wedding celebration starts from the moment the guests open your invitation. So couples should focus on ensuring that their wedding invitations are memorable and unique. Consider hiring a professional Washington DC wedding planner to get personalized, creative, and impressive wedding invitations.

Washington DC Wedding Planners

Some useful points about wedding invitations that will give couples some ideas:

1. Fancy Fonts and Handwritten Calligraphy:

To give your wedding invitation a minimalist look and feel, you can focus on designing the words using colors and beautiful patterns (to emphasize a creative writing style with fancy fonts). Consider handwritten calligraphy for artistic and high-end invitations. It is believed that typography creates a stylistic appearance to your wording.

2. Striking Colors:

In 2017, a bold color palette is considered to be the most popular wedding invitation trend. Compared to the plain white paper, consider a deep plum or dark navy shade for your wedding invitation. Black with metallic adds a dash of elegance and sophistication to your wedding invitation.

3. Design:

You should remember that the design of your wedding invitation should be simple yet eye-catching. When designing the wedding invitation, you can use floral and botanical prints as the border, which will create a romantic style. Personalizing your wedding invitations with custom monograms or decorative elements that reveal the wedding theme is another trend.

4. Envelope Decoration:

The envelope liner is what your guests are going to see first while opening the wedding invitation so you should consider floral prints, stripes, metallic and fabrics. A luxurious envelope heralds a luxurious wedding. You can consult your Washington DC wedding planner for more ideas.

5. Foil Accents:

Foil accents can take your simple wedding invitation to the next level, as they add texture and glamour to your paper products. You can use foil to accent names or the wedding date. A gilded edge to your wedding invitation is also a lovely touch. Gold, silver, and copper foil are some of the popular color choices.

DC Wedding Planners

Always remember that the wedding invitation reflects your wedding! So carefully personalize the invitations in a creative and innovative way by hiring one of the best Washington DC wedding planners- Engaging Associates! As a reliable wedding planner and professional Washington DC wedding coordinator, we will happily coordinate all the details of your wedding from designing extra special invitations to efficiently handling all the details make your wedding day a memorable and enjoyable event of a lifetime.

If you want to know more about our Washington DC wedding day coordination package details and pricing, please browse through this link: http://engagingassociates.com/info/ or fill out the online contact form http://engagingassociates.com/connect/



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